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We are swedish composers that create music to the stories that really matter. We compose original work that makes your project more unique. We work with independent creators, top brands, communication agencies and creative people all around the world that want to make their projects a bit more awesome than the rest.



Imagine a movie or TV-serie without music. Or a beautifully filmed documentary in total silence. Lucky Star Creative don’t mind silence, but we know that music and sound, when it’s on the right place and time, will affect the viewers in the way you want to. Are you a storyteller in need of music? Let us help you with that part, you won’t regret it!



Music in TV- and videogames is a growing industry and you can’t underestimate the importance of the right music to make a complete gaming experience. No matter if you are an indie dev making a retro game from the 80’s or if you need a soundtrack for a childrens game. We are on it!



People loves podcasts and so do we! Are you planning to start your own podcast but you need some help with the technique around it? Don’t worry, we can help you! Of course we can do both music and editing and help you distribute your wisdom to the audience as well.


Need a unique jingle or original music to a radio or TV-commercial? No worries, we live for music in every form! People hate commercials but love music. With our help you will reach your costumers hearts and make them love your brand and actually listen to what you have to say instead of turning off the radio or TV. Of course we offer speaker voice as well. Our main language is Swedish but if you need a speaker in a another tounge we can help you with that as well. Doesn’t it sound like music to your ears?


Imagine that you’ve made a commercial or a film clip and you get the feeling that for example the song Billie Jean with Michael Jackson would be a perfect fit. The problem is that it would cost you a lot to get the legal rights to use that particular song so that’s (maybe) not an option. Cool, that’s where Lucky Star Creative comes in. We’ll write and original track that sounds like the one you want but it’s our version of it. You tell us what you need and we’ll deliver. Piece of cake!


Are you looking for more than just a custom song or a jingle? If you want to go the whole way and soundtrack your brand we are excited to help you with that process. Most companies has a graphic profile that contains of logos, fonts, colours and manuals on how  this should be used. Music Branding is pretty much the same thing but instead of talking about how your brand looks we will help you find out how your company sounds. Contact us if you want to know more on how this works.

Music for artists och songwriters

Have you written a song but haven´t got a clue how to produce a complete track or doesn´t really have the skills to make it sound professional? We can help you to complete your awesome song and make it ready for release. Contact us for more info.

Lectures & Workshops

Wanna learn how to produce your own music or learn about music branding? Lucky Star Creative is bookable for workshops and lectures. Contact us for more information.
(Have in mind though that we are based in north of Sweden)




Step one:You contact us with a request of custom made music for a commercial, podcast, video game etc.

Step two: We collect facts about what you need, or example reference tracks, tempo, sound, how long the track shall be etc.

Step three: We start working and in 1-2 days we’ll send you the first draft. (Fastest draft can be delivered in 2 hours if you´re really in a hurry)

Step four: You give us feedback and we’ll review the track until you are satisfied

Step five: When everyone is happy we’ll deliver high quality sound files to you.