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Lucky Star Creative consists of Daniel Gustafsson and Kicki Fagerlund. We are operating in northern Sweden, not far from the Arctic Circle. Here we can enjoy the northern lights and extreme cold in winter and in summer the midnight sun. A large part of the year, we live in almost constant darkness, with the result that we do not have much else to do than to write and produce music. After 30 years in this environment, we can actually say that we are awesome at writing music in all genres.



A 33-year-old girl from Umeå who devoted her entire life to music. Solo artist under the name Brita Kristina

Best feature as a songwriter: Has a very good ear and a great sense of melodies.


Favorite Food: Breakfast.


A 38-year-old male from a small village in the middle of the forest. Spent his entire youth in a basement with an electric guitar as his only friend. 

Best feature as a songwriter: Talented producer and good at playing the midi drums.


Favorite food: Metallica

Swedish music producers and composers